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Uovision UM785-HD 12MP wireless trail camera



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  • Wireless quad-band 3G robot with SSL support
  • Fast 3G picture transmission by e-mail or MMS
  • SMS remote control features for picture request or settings changes
  • SMS feature is able use with simple text-messages
  • Free CamCtrl APP´s for Android and Windows Phone
  • Picture quality 12MP, 8.0MP(Interpolated), Real 5.0MP or 3.0MP
  • Video qualityWVGA, 720P 1080P
  • Video lenghts 5sec – 60sec
  • Invisible infrablack flash using 940nm wavelenght
  • Total 42pcs of powerfull invisible LED´s
  • Infrablack flash distance up-to 12 meters
  • Flash illumination adjustment 50% or 100%
  • Automatic night time dark sensor for flashes controlling
  • Inbuild motion-heat PIR sensor
  • Adjustable PIR sensor sensitivity: Normal, High, Low, Off
  • Adjustable PIR trigger interval: 0sec – 60min
  • Inbuild 2.4″ LCD screen for picture viewing and programming
  • MultiShot 1 -10 captures
  • Adjustable TimeLapse: 5sec – 8h
  • Start-Stop operating hours selection
  • Over-Write function
  • Time & Date settings
  • Picture stamp (time, day, temperature, battery status)
  • Password: 4 number PIN code
  • User menu language: English
  • Compatible with 2-32GB SD memory cards (not included)
  • Operates on 4xAA 8xAA, 12xAA of 1.5V AA batteries
  • 6V power port for external power source
  • USB port (cable not included)
  • SD card port
  • TriPod or wall mount mounting screw bottom of the camera
  • Operating temperatures -20C …. +60C
  • IP54 weather proof
  • Compatible with cable lock
  • Locking hole right side of the outer case
  • Included: Black antenna 9cm, mounting strap, manual
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Camera model UM785-HD part of cameras, offering pictures of the highest quality both during the day and at night by LED black (LED undetectable by human or animal at night) This model is distinguished by the way it can be easily integrated into the landscape because of camouflage color and small size. The camera saves pictures in resolution 12 MP camera can take a picture or shoot depending on the setting. Camera is equipped with 42 LED’s black multiple settings to deliver pictures and videos of the highest quality. The camera records video with sound. This model is equipped with GPRS module which gives the opportunity to the user to send him pictures of the place in which is mounted format MMS or Email . Transmitting near real-time data is via mobile networks. This room is distinguished by the quality of pictures at night and day.

A 3G wireless camera is able to send 50% faster the pictures than the conventional GPRS wireless trail camera!

SMS remote control feature is allowing the user to operate with the camera using two-way communication remotely. Two-way communication between the user and camera is making possible to take a picture on-site whenever is needed or change the camera settings remotely.

Uovision UM785-HD SMS 12MP SMS remote control trail camera is the ultimate choice!

All SMS commands are able to send by mobile phone simple text-message commands or using free Android or Windows Phone apps. Please download your free CamCtrl smartphone APP under the “APP´s” category.

With the wireless Uovision UM785-HD 12MP camera you are easily able to monitor what is happening in front of your trail camera and receive response fast, thanks to 3G capability.

The wireless trail camera is saving your time and money when you do not have to visit the camera and check on site what pictures camera has saved during the day.

Uovision UM785-HD 12MP trail camera has a crystal clear picture quality and nice 12MP resolution. Other optional still picture resolutions are 8.0MP, 5.0MP or 3.0MP.

Uovision UM785-HD 12MP wireless trail camera is having inbuild PIR motion-heat sensor which is picking up heat emitted sources like animals and humans. After picking up the motion-heat movement in front of the camera, it will capture the pictures and videos with 1 second trigger time.

Still pictures and videos are having full colors during the day-time and night time captures are black and white. Inbuild night time dark sensor is automatically turning ON/OFF the invisible flashes when needed.

Uovision UM785-HD 12MP has an invisible infra black flash with 42pcs of powerful LED´s. Flash is not able to seen when the camera is capturing night time pictures or videos.

If the Uovision UM785-HD 12MP wireless trail camera is used also for the security use monitor your house, office, or summer cottage, the invisible flash is a must!

Invisible infrablack flash is illuminating even up to 15 meters!

Uovision UM785-HD 12MP wireless trail camera operates 12pcs of 1.5V AA-size alkaline batteries even a 2-3 months time period (depending on the amount of activity and operating temperature).

All Uovision trail cameras are printing to each picture the time/date/temperature info so you can easily see the capture time when checking the pictures.

All wireless Uovision cameras are also printing the battery status info to each sand picture so you can easily observe the battery consumption status from each received picture!

This saves your time when you exactly know when it is time to go and change the batteries to the unit.

Uovision UM785-HD 12MP wireless trail camera is easy to set up. Just add the SD card (not included) and 12pcs of batteries (not included) so you are ready to go! Then the camera is able to use without the wireless transmission and saves all pictures or videos to the SD card.

When there is a need to set up the wireless transmission ON, you just simply insert your own operator parameters and your own receiving e-mail address or phone number to the unit. Then the camera works with wireless picture transmission mode and also saves the original high-resolution picture to the SD card.

All system settings like PIR sensitivity, image quality (12MP, 8MP, 5MP, 3MP), time/date, flash power are easily able to change using the inbuilt 2.4″ color screen LCD.

You can also see captured pictures from the cameras LCD display.

Uovision UM785-HD 12MP wireless trail camera is having also the “over-write” feature. This feature is useful if using for example smaller and economic 2GB SD cards. If the SD card is full, the camera starts over-writing pictures from the beginning and deleting old ones.

Over-write feature is useful if the user is not able to check the camera so the camera is not stopping in case if the SD card is getting full.

TimeLapse feature allows the camera to capture the photo or video pre-setted time and capturing front of the camera motion-heat sources on the same time with the PIR sensor.

The start-Stop feature allows the user to pre-set the camera working only during certain working hours. Extremely useful especially if used for security use in the office.

1 YEAR WARRANTY. CE, FC, RoHS approved.
TimeLapse feature allows the camera to capture the photo or video pre-set time and capturing front of the camera motion-heat sources at the same time with PIR sensor.

The start-Stop feature allows user to pre-set the camera working only during certain working hours. Extremely useful especially if used for security use in the office.

1 YEAR WARRANTY. CE, FC, RoHS approved.


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