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PAC Pet Fence Miniature, Small Dog & Cat Kit with 200m Wire



Quick Overview

The PAC Pet Fence system is the ideal, low-cost, invisible way to contain your pet safely, automatically and humanely within a designated area of your garden or estate. This containment system is mostly invisible and avoids the need for an ugly and obstructive boundary fence.

Since it provides constant, 24/7 surveillance, you do not have to be around keeping watch at all times.

Any number of Dogs/Cats, each wearing a suitable collar, may be contained within the bounds that you have set, which might well include areas which you deem to be “no-go” areas, such as flower-beds, children’s play areas and swimming pools.

The collar works when the dog/cat nears the boundary wire. Compared to an agricultural electric fence the pet fence has other major advantages: it is safe for children to touch and where the dog or cat can view the wire of an agricultural electric fence and work out whether to jump it or crawl under, they can’t get near the boundary of the pet fence to escape, so driveway gates can be safely left open.

There are no restrictions in the shape of the area to be enclosed, which may range from ¼ acre (or less) up to 20+ acres (over 6 acres you would need a boosted FC4 unit and heavier gauge wire)

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Why is the PAC Fence better than the rest?

  • The PAC system is tried and trusted and has been on the market since 1989.
  • This PAC Fence kit includes everything needed for one Miniature, Small Dog or Cat but just by buying extra collars any number of dogs/cats each wearing a PAC collar can be contained on the system
  • All PAC collars have rechargeable batteries, thereby eliminating the frequent purchase of replacement batteries. The collar is chargeable through the probes, retaining full integrity in dampness and against water ingress. Initially, the collar needs to be charged every 2 -3 weeks but once the dog is used to the system only needs to be changed every 1 – 3 months depending on usage. As a result, the running costs are negligible.
  • The system is designed for easy, DIY installation, using low cost, and high-quality wire.
  • Includes 200 meters of high quality, durable .75 gauge wire
  • Our wire can be leftover the ground, buried, fed through a hosepipe, tacked to an existing fence or through a hedge, etc.
  • The control unit has provision for 2 x 9V batteries to enable an automatic UPS –uninterrupted power supply) facility-up to 8 hours of standby boundary protection-in the event of mains failure. This intelligent feature is fully stabilized to maintain zone size, irrespective of the power source.
  • Very safe wire voltage (12v), either powered using the supplied mains adaptor or, in areas where mains is not available or of inferior quality, by using a car or lorry battery.
  • PAC collar can cater for the most determined escape artist. The energy transfer is consistent in all conditions wet, dry, or snow. Other systems on the market can be ineffective in wet or snowy weather.
  • PACs collar is fully waterproof and will withstand wet, muddy conditions as well as falling into a pond, pool, or stream.
  • Levels of stimulus are self-imposed by the dog/cat (i.e. levels increase from a beep to beep with low-medium then highly dependent on time in the active zone and proximity to the wire) so no need to manually change levels etc.
  • Speed detector prevents fast run through, so if dog/cat runs at the wire collar will go straight to the maximum level.
  • The Control unit will alarm if there is a break in the wire.
  • Digital signal processing gives immunity from outside radio interference.
  • Inbuilt lightning protection protects against 95% of local, adjacent lightning strikes.
  • If family or friends have the PACDOG system, your collar will automatically work on their system, no extra set up, handy for Pet Sitting



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