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PAC Fence Medium/Large Dog Collar



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PAC Fence Medium/Large Dog Collar

This Collar is suitable for medium/large Dogs, long and short haired breeds.

It is compatible with all of our PAC Fence Control units.

Any number of dogs each wearing a suitable PAC collar can be contained on the system.

If family or friends have the PACDOG system, your collar will automatically work on their system, no extra set up, handy for pet sitting

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  • The collar box is fixed to a quick-release webbing strap that makes contact with the dog through two small probes (probes suitable for long or short dogs provided as standard). Strap on the collar is a quick release 18mm wide webbing strap, length can be adjusted up to 755 mm
  • All PAC collars have rechargeable batteries, thereby eliminating the frequent purchase of replacement batteries. The collar is chargeable through the probes, retaining full integrity in dampness and against water ingress. It is simply and conveniently recharged in 16 hours through its probes by plugging it into the top of the control unit. Initially, the collar needs to be charged every 2 -3 weeks but once the dog is used to the system only needs to be charged every month. As a result, the running costs are negligible.
  • An LED on the collar flashes when it is in the active zone, it indicates the collar battery charge-status (green= “OK”: red = low battery- in need of recharge).

The system is fully operational while charging collars.

  • PAC Fence has the highest top-end energy transfer to cater to the most determined escape artist. The energy transfer is consistent in all conditions wet, dry, or snow. Other systems on the market can be ineffective in wet or snowy weather.
  • PACs collar is fully waterproof and will withstand wet, muddy conditions as well as falling into a pond, pool, or stream.
  • Levels of stimulus are self-imposed by the dog (i.e. levels increase from a beep to beep with low-medium then highly dependent on time in the active zone and proximity to the wire) so no need to manually change levels etc.


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