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Christopher Fox


My 2-year-old German Shepard was misbehaving and with the collar, he was under my control with only 2 or 3 buzzes from the vibrating collar. Before he would get over playful with my other dog and sometimes with dogs in the park but now with help from the collar he is well behaved. Well worth the money

Gary Duffy


My dog has responded well to the collar, she is obedient and no longer chases after other dogs to play or fight! She much better behaves with other dogs too. I can now enjoy walking her without worrying. It would be perfect if the collar came in a smaller size, it's quite cumbersome on a Border Terrier. However, it appears to be sturdy and is still working after a few swimming sessions. Sally GoodmanCongleton, Cheshire United Kingdom

James Doyle


A working cocker which was an absconder and thus not suitable for picking up has now become a reliable and productive member of the team. All it took was one short low-density nip after he ignored the stop whistle. Run, whistle, beep, nip. Job done and now a pleasure to work with, only needing the occasional beep when concentration slips. Thanks. Chris WarnerHalesworth, Suffolk United Kingdom


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